Shoes....My other passion/addiction

I am a type of person, who has favorite shoes and where them all the time. I also have favorite shoes for my daughter that I always put on her feet. Right now our favorite is Havanianas via http://us.havaianas.com, love them and they are extremely comfortable. I have other favorites shoes for my daughter here they are:

Rileyroos are super cute but comfortable and my daughter love the velcro strap. Rileyroos fit her so well and she really did not like shoes before the Rileyroos, which I purchase via www.babyhalfoff.com...So I highly recommend Rileyroos for your little roo...


Little Soles got my attention with their style/design and I was reeled in by the quality of the shoes. I am ecstatic with the shoes that I purchased via www.babysteals.com


Wee squeak are the most adorable shoes and my daughter loves the noises she makes when she has them on. I love them too because I think they are funny too. I purchase my pair via www.babyhalfoff.com

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