Soapy Luxury…

I love to shop!!! But I also love quality items for me and my family.  I love scented soaps too.  Being a twitter addict now, I came across elliaCnaturals soaps, I order a samples and I fell in love.  The soaps are awesome and very luxurious too.  I felt like every shower was a spa experience and scents were awesome too.  My favorites are Glee, Shore, Daydream and Udderly Creamy right now.  The customer service is top notch…

Please check out:



Wordless Wednesday

Dilia has discovered her artistic side...


Fall is coming....

My favorite seasons are spring and fall because the weather and for the clothes.  I can’t hardly for the weather to be cooler than now because of the crazy hot summer this year…My favorite accessories are Oeuf necktie and hats, which are made from 100% Alpaca. Please check out 

Oeuf is my favorite for the following reason…

When we were kids, whenever our parents dropped us off somewhere like school, our grandparents’ house for the weekend or even summer camp, they always gave us a hug and a kiss and told us to “be good!” as they waved goodbye.

As kids we’re very literal and knew this meant…don’t cut your sister’s hair, don’t glue yourself to the wall, don’t go running off into the woods with nothing but your underwear and a toothbrush. At the time, it was mostly about good behavior.

Now as parents, we realize there is a whole other level of meaning when we kiss them goodbye and tell them to be good. We know we’re really telling them to be good people. Do the right thing. Make us proud. Be the kind of people we hope to be. As Oeuf, we have the chance to elevate this notion once again and be a good company. When we say Be Good, we mean:

Be good designers.
Simple, clean, intuitive products that are easy and safe to use; made with quality craftsmanship that will last from generation to generation; designed with a European sensibility that is fun and stylish reflecting the needs and lifestyle of today’s modern families.

Be good people.
Respect the people who work with us and treat them fairly whether employees, artisans, retailers or consumers. Provide a safe and supportive working environment that allows working families to live and thrive in the United States, Europe and abroad. Honor cultural traditions, diversity and local values. Pay people living wages that enable them to live healthy fulfilling lives and send their own children to school.

Be good to the planet.
Use natural, renewable, recyclable materials that emphasize conservation and lead to environmentally sound products. Employ eco-conscious manufacturing processes that promote low emissions and sustainability.

Be Good is not just something we say-- its something we mean. As parents, we want our children to inherit a world that is better than we found it. As Oeuf, we have the ability to make that happen.


Be Good.


Hair Style

I absolutely love hair clips, barrettes and headbands especially for my daughter.  My daughter always had hair and being a shopaholic, I discovered the most adorable hair clips, barrettes and headbands sellers.  Sweet Harper is one of my top faves http://www.etsy.com/shop/SweetHarper because Tracy is super sweet.  My other personal faves are Taia http://sweettaia.com/ and Ribbies http://www.ribbiesclippies.com/ because of the color, style and general cuteness of the clips.


Taia has the following special
 -We're sorry to inform you that new orders will not be accepted until further notice. New customers please sign up for our newsletter and we will inform you when we begin taking orders again, 20% off your entire order (existing customers as well) will be our gift for your patience.

-Shipping costs are a flat rate of $2.50 on all orders costing up to $34.99. Shipping is always free on orders over $35.00!

        -Free shipping within the US all Summer Long with coupon code        freeshipping


Wordless Wednesday

Aruba 2007

I would rather be in Aruba then work....


Two of my Favorites…

Target and Walmart are two of the best stores in the world, in my opinion.  I am a huge fan of the quality and the price of the items available that can not be beat.  Plus, I love the fact that both stores are one stop shopping experience. I have experienced awesome customer services in both stores and online, which is why I am a repeat customer.  You can visit them via their stores or online


One Step Awesome…

I came across One Step Ahead because I signed up for a lot of baby information site when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I am extremely happy because One Step Ahead www.onestepahead.com is an awesome site and the prices are pretty good.  I am a repeat customer from storage bins, to alphabets mats and swim shoes.  I highly recommend for you to check them out.

Plus, currently they have the following promo:

  • To receive free standard shipping on your order, you must meet the minimum purchase requirement of $85.00 and enter the code SHIP85 in the "Promotion Code" field during checkout

  • Summer Sale Save up to 60%


TGIF-Fun Follow Friday

I love Fridays!!!  I love it more because I get to blog hop.. :)  


Adorable Security…

I fell in love with Aden + Anais after buying the blankets for my sister to use with my niece.  The blankets were the best thing that my sister received as per her, I was happy she love the gift.  She love the blankets sooo much she buy them twice herself.  I found recently that Aden + Anais have Issie security blankets and I need it for my daughter.  Thank goodness, www. Babysteals.com had them on sale recently…I love babysteals…My daughter loves her blankie a lot and the blankie helps her sleep now.  The blankie helped her with the ear infection she has in her left ear, she love the feel of the blankie.


Sweet Teas…

I am etsy addicted and I admitted because the items on etsy are amazing…I love it...The sellers are amazing group of people, who are soooo talented.  One such seller is Sweet Tea dresses and her gorgeous dresses, aprons, bibs and burp cloths.  She is a friendly warm person and I am proud to be her customer plus, I love the pillowcase dresses.   So, if you have a little girl please check out Sweet Tea Dresses via 


Girly Girl finds...

I have always have been a tomboy, I hated to wear dresses or anything girly, when I was young, it was not until I was in College that I started to dress like a women.  My daughter on the other hand is very girly, she start putting on a purse, when was 3 months.  She still loves bags and hair clips. 

My Favorites for both purse and hair clips are:

Adorable hats, headbands, purses and etc. http://www.etsy.com/shop/mimisbabies
Adorable hair clips and Sassy Mama clips http://www.etsy.com/shop/SweetHarper

Bags- message bags and toddler backpacks http://www.etsy.com/shop/meeabee


American as....

I always have been intrigued by American girl and I can’t wait until my daughter and my two nieces are older for trip to the American girl store in NYC.  I am a faithful follower of Cupcake Mags & Sprinkles and love their articles.  I noticed that Sprinkles has partnered with American Girls Shrine on Now program.  This program focus is to inspire young girls to make a difference in their communities.  For additional information click here.

I have signed up my daughter because it is never to early to start making a differences..

Also, watch Sprinkles for the My American Girl doll giveaway!


Wordless Wednesday

Dilia is cooling off in the pool


I have always been a sucker for a cute doll and stuff animal.  I had a lot of dolls and stuff animals, very likely the start of my shopaholic tendencies.  When I found out that I was going to have a daughter…I was pretty excited because of the adorable clothes and the toys namely dolls.  I came across Jess Brown Rag doll via one of my parenting magazine and I fell in love with the doll immediately.  I am a Google fiend, plus a tad bit obsessive and so I found the doll with very little information.  I decided to order the doll when my daughter was about 3 or 4 months old.  I decided to wait and to give it to her on her first birthday but right now; she is decoration because it is super cute and very unique.  Jess Brown rag doll are truly one of kind plus, they are handmade.

Check out


Jess has always been inspired by beautiful textiles. She began making dolls for her children 11 years ago using old cashmere sweaters and antique remnants. As committed flea market goers, they would search together for amazing antique pieces, trims, buttons and findings. This has now all come together as a small line of one of a kind and hand made rag dolls.

Each doll is hand dyed in Persian black teas to create variations in skin tones. Each doll is stuffed with a sustainable corn fiber stuffing. They are all made of cotton muslin and linen, and of primarily recycled and antique fabrics and findings. Each doll is created with button shoulders. This may not be suitable for children under three years. Jess also collaborates with several designers, using scrap remnants left over from a current season cutting. These dolls are created as limited edition collections.

Jess Brown rag dolls are available in select shops around the world. Each doll is completely unique and cut to order. There is something truly beautiful about a threadbare, worn, and well loved doll that has been created with the finest materials. Jess lives in Petaluma, California with her children Stella and Tiger and her husband Erio. She owns a small shop in town called maude with her good friend Stacy.


BlaBla...Super Cute

Twitter + Me = Shopaholic purchases…The equation is very true...I really really love the kids’ online stores that I have discovered on twitter.  Blabla is outstanding and truly adorable.  I recently purchase a t-shirt for my daughter and I received my order fairly fast.  My daughter look sooo cute with the t-shirt and I am ecstatic about the services.  I also must say their selection is super cute.  You should definitely check them out via http://www.blablakids.com

Background info on Blabla here.