My favorite kids shoes are...

It has been a long time...My life is great so far...thank the Lord..My daughter and son are doing well...Many of you know that I am pretty big shopaholic especially when it comes to my kids and me ;) ...I have a little foot fetish because you can't have too many shoes right?! My son kinda hates shoes because they are not really that comfortable for him...He is a little bowlegged and he is also a little picky on the shoes he wears..He loves the following companies shoes


BePe Baby are the best!!! http://www.bepebaby.com/


Rileyroos are awesome!!! http://www.rileyroos.com/

Livie and Luca are adorable http://www.livieandluca.com/

Umi are great too http://www.umishoes.com/shop/index.html


Kidorable are the cutest http://www.kidorable.com

Western Chief Kids http://www.westernchief.com/default.php/cPath/25_57