My Favorite addiction…handbags

I have always love handbags, either big or small.  I know I have Imelda R. Marcos tendencies with handbags because a good handbag is worth it.  I want to tell you about a few of the good ones…

I fell in love with Prune during a trip to Argentina back in 2004 because the leather and the styles are amazing.  Plus, the price is pretty amazing too…

Check Prune out via http://www.pruneshop.com/

$130.00 USA dollars plus shipping

My personal favorite place to shop Etsy because the sellers are unique and super talent individuals, I love the following sellers handbags

Kirsten James and the Maribelle bag with adjustable strap, the adjustable strap is my favorite feature plus the bag is super cute

 $59.00 plus shipping

New favorite would have to be DrikaB..Thanks to SweetHarper! The design and the colors of the handbags, clutches, wristlets and etc are adorable. 
$32.00 plus shipping
Ikabags are very cute plus handmade in Paris...Travel without needing a passport..

 $34.00 plus shipping

Another seller worth a visit is RKEMdesign for the very cute Kate shoulder bags.

$34.00 plus shipping
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