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Being a fairly new blog and learning as I go, so to speak.  I am totally a twitter fiend and following awesome people.  Elegant baby send a tweet asking if anyone was interested in reviewing their products.  I jumped at the chance to review and share my opinion plus, I selected the items from the elegant baby website to review.  Here they are:





Quick Overview
This security blankie is perfect babies on the go. Its soft texture and small tassels give your baby a chance to experience tactile bliss, and the butterfly face knob in the center of this round blankie give them something to hang onto for carrying or just holding.

My Review
The security blankie is a perfect size for little ones plus, the crinkle paper sound on each panel of the blankie draws the babies’ attention.  The texture of the blankie is extremely soft and welcoming plus, the Butterfly head squeaks and my daughter love that the most.  My daughter is very particular about her blankies and this blankie got her attention right away. 

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Quick Overview
Feeding time shouldn’t be a chore! This colorful plastic green bowl sits on a silicone suction base which keeps baby’s food from sliding around or tipping over. The bowl comes with a food grade blue animal spoon that is gentle on tender baby gums. The bowl is safe for the microwave and dishwasher, so cleanup is as easy as meal time.

My Review
The colors of both the bowl and spoon were immediately my favorite part of the product plus, the silicone suction bottom works wonderfully.  My 19 month old daughter is just starting to learn how to use spoon loves the animal shape spoon plus, the spoon is the right size and width for her little hand.  The microwave and dishwasher safe ability of this product makes my life so much easier. 

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