Branching out

After my daughter was born, the pediatrician suggested Aveeno baby lotion because my daughter’s skin was a little dry.  I have tried Aveeno baby lotion and other lotion for the past year and half.   I would only use the lotion only on her legs but not on her back or tummy.  I noticed recently in my pharmacy little twig product and decided to try it.  I was pleasantly surprise that my daughter’s skin did not react and I like the fact that little twig products are eco-friendly too.

Little Twig Mission

Children mean the world to us, and the world means everything to our children. That is why little twig products are developed with the advice of pediatricians and real-life parents. At little twig we want to provide families with a safe and natural bath time alternative. We utilize the most effective organic and botanical ingredients in our simple recipe for pure and gentle personal care. Each product is an example of our commitment to quality, and that is why we completely guarantee each product.



Color and Cover up that Mother Earth would approve!

 My Sister recently introduced to me to Naturtint hair dye, which is a permanent hair colorant with vegetable ingredients. It is enriched with wheat, soy, corn and oat plant protein complex designed for hair restructuring and protection. Naturtint contains no ammonia and its raw materials are of the highest cosmetic quality. Naturtint is made up of a range of 28 different tones which can be mixed together to produce infinite color ranges so as to achieve a unique, personal tone. Naturtint completely covers all normal grey hair, its effects do not wash out and it is gentle on even the most fragile hair. Naturtint is quick and easy to use and also secures a healthy, natural color, volume and shine.  I was thrilled with product that I will be using it instead of other dyes.

I purchase the hair dye via the following website but it also available in Whole Foods.


Waddling along

I few months ago, I came across Tinyducky in one of my parenting magazines.  The ad got my attention plus, I need a baby shower gift.  I check out the website and was immediately in love because the entire line is 100% certified-organic cotton.  Tinyducky have the most adorable outfits and gift set.  I decided to buy the gift set for my sister-in-law because she is expecting her first child.  Plus, I love to give gifts that are awesome in quality.  I knew I made the right choice when I received the item.  I decided to buy my niece the yoga set right after. 

Current promo is free shipping with “cookie” code


Mother Care

Being a first time mom, I sometime forget to take care of me…My sister was telling me about Weleda baby lotions and how she love the brand..I recently came across a sample of one of their lotions and I fell in love immediately…The lotion is for dry and rough skin, which I have.  I love the scent and my hands never have felt this smooth…I have found my brand for me…I will be getting more lotions soon…

Check them out

Get 20% off any order on our website today 3/26/10! Enter promo code WELEDADEALS at checkout!


Being a Star…

Being a new parent our kids are our stars and you want to the best for them.  I came across BabyStar clothing brand, which I thought was an adorable name and since my daughter does need pants and a shirt…remember shopaholic here...  After receiving my purchases I was hooked especially after buying very nice organic denim Jane jeans.  My daughter loves her jeans because they are comfortable and she able to move freely as with other jeans she was not able to.  Plus, she looks adorable in them.  She only has one pair of jeans and they are babystar denim Jane jeans 


Mission Completed

I was challenged a week ago after submitting a recipe to Best Baby Organics as a guest blogger.  To be honest, I was a little nervous about how to make the raspberry fruit punch recipe healthier and delicious as the original.  I worked on the recipe this past weekend and I was extremely happy with the results.  So here you go… 

Healthier/Natural Raspberry Sorbet fruit punch

½ box of Strawberries
½ bag of Seedless Grapes
1 Honeydew Melon pre-cut is fine
1 Cantaloupe pre-cut is fine
1 Pineapple pre-cut is fine
2 Peaches
6 Oranges
1-2 pint. Yolato Raspberry Sorbet or Haagan Dasz
33 fl oz Mango juice

Take the 6 oranges and squeeze them, pour the freshly squeezed orange juice into the punch bowl. Next peel and cut up the peaches, after cut up honeydew melon, cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries and grapes then place them in the bowl with the orange juice.  Pour the Mango juice into the bowl and last be not least empty the Haagen Dasz Raspberry Sorbet into the punch bowl. Stir well and serve

Serves 6 to 8


Note to self

I came across Just Jenn Design via Cool Moms pick http://www.coolmompicks.com/, I decided to check out the website and I love the ‘say what’ set.  I thought it was extremely adorable to place a picture of a love one human or pet on the notepad and flat cards.  Being a shopaholic, I could not resist buying this set and placing a picture of Dilia on the notepad and cards. 


Mother earth would be sooo proud

I came across Speesess via www.lilipicked.com and I absolutely love the clothes because they are well-designed, high-quality products that respect all speesees; animal, plant, and little humans alike.  After having my daughter I became more aware of our environment and being healthier in general.  The organic clothes for me are best quality than other material that you can find and being a parent you want to the best for your child.  The customer services experience was one of the best I have had in a long time, they are all around great company.

Check out



Since spring time is practically here and so are allergies.  I am the type of person who gets allergies twice a year and I think my daughter might have inherited the allergies from me.  So when I came across boogies wipes gentle saline wipes for stuffy noses and I am soooo happy because my daughter absolutely hates the nose bulb.  Boogie wipes work sooo well on my daughter’s little nose and on my nose as well.  You can find them via Babies R Us, Target, Walgreens and many other vendors as well. 

I highly recommend it to everyone and now if you sign up for boogie bunch newsletter, you will receive a $1 coupon.


Recipe Challenge..Mission Possible

I recently signed up to be a guest blogger on http://bestbabyorganics.blogspot.com and I contributed a recipe Raspberry Sherbet Punch which is simple but delicious...Best Baby Organics contacted me and stated they have a mission for me and if I choice to accept it. The mission is to make my punch recipe healthier and I have accepted this mission..So I have 7 days to come up with a new healthier recipe..Wish me luck!!



Bite of elegances

I absolutely love anything and everything to do with my child that is useful in all sense of the word.  Being a first time mom, I really cherish the experienced mom and their products because they have been there and done that, which I value highly.  One such product that I came across recently was Sonny and Reed Teething Necklaces via Parents magazine.  I immediately went to http://www.sonnyandreed.com/ to check out the necklace because I have been looking for something like it for a while.  I was thrilled that it is exactly what I wanted and more.  I feel and look stylish without worrying about my daughter biting it or playing with it.  Plus, the necklaces is extremely stylish, you will use it even after your child stop teething.


Hairy Situation

My daughter always had beautiful hair some what curly too.  I started my hairclip habit when she was about 4 or 5 months old, I love to put little baby clips in her hair.  I discovered the following great in the process.  The first was a Babe is Born http://www.ababeisborn.com, the second was Taia Hair clips www.sweettaia.com, third was Ribbies Clippies www.ribbiesclippies.com, fourth Bugalug https://www.bugalugbaby.com, which has hairclip of a month program…I love this feature and the fifth but not least is Sweet Harper via http://www.etsy.com/shop/SweetHarper.  All of these sellers are awesome and have a great selection plus wonderful customer services.  I have had mini shopping spree with each seller ever since.


Stylish Warmth

After a crazy wacky weather this past weekend in the northeast, I was extremely happy to have my swaddle designs stroller blanket for my daughter.  She loves her Pastel Pink with Brown Mod Circles blanket because it keeps here warm and toasty…Being a shopaholic and a newish mom, I love quality items for my daughter and I know after purchase Swaddle Designs that I was a customer for life…Plus,  I have experienced excellent customer services via Swaddle Designs. I highly recommend Swaddle Designs to my family and friends…It is my go to baby shower gift too…

I invite you to checkout swaddle designs



I am the type of person that needs to place appointments in all my calendars to make sure that I do not forget.  I came across momAgenda over a year ago and I love the idea plus I enjoy being organized.  The organizer has great features contain it the most adorable bind book.  Nina Restieri founder/President of momAgenda places an introduction to her customers plus she provide a “how to use” guide, which is very cute.  She provides favorite web sites, online resources and toll-free number that have airlines, car rentals, credit cards Company (Lost or Stolen) and hotels.  She provides the consumer everything at their fingertips and it is worth it.

web address

customized paperweight is from iomoi


I feel and looking pretty…

I heard about illiakids design after Lizzie Sorensen was tweeting via Twitter about buying dresses for her daughters. I want to check out her collection via etsy, I was not disappointed because illiakids have the cutest stuff.  While I was browsing the web store, I saw the most adorable dress and I knew this would look great on Dilia Maria.  I order the dress and illiakids has great customer services because the dress is shown with crochet light blue flower that was out of stock when I placed my order and I told Heily to put a peach flower.  I received my order and I noticed that Heily send we three different color flower that were adorable with the dress.  At that moment, I knew I would be a repeat customer with her.  I am a huge fan too.  The Picture is Dilia in her illiakids dress with Daddy.

I invite you to check out


Get a little color in your life

Simply Colors

Besides being a shopaholic, I love to surf the net and doing searches via Google. I came across simply colors because I was looking for custom t-shirts. I was excited because the simply colors the t-shirts are awesome. I ordered a shirt for Dilia Maria that I customized every detail. I selected the style of shirt, the color, the front plus the character. She looks adorable in her shirt as you can see above. I came across the below promotion and wanted to share it with you.


Save15% off until 5/15. Use the following link http://www.simplycolors.com/promotion_spring


More information at retailmenot.com

Expires: 05/15/2010




Being the shopaholic…I am constantly surfing the bargain kid website to check out the deals.  I came across Wee Squeak shoes via Baby Half off and I saw the most adorable Wee Squeak gold sandals.  I immediately thought that Dilia would look adorable plus she need spring/summer shoes and they squeak to promote heal to toe walking because the squeak only happens when a child must walk heal to toe.  Dilia really enjoys the noises the shoes make…she giggle while walking now...

Here is the website


Mami Pride

I recall back in March 2008, how excited I was to learn that I was pregnant with my first child and my only child right now.  I started to hunt around for cute stuff to show my pride.  I came across both on the internet and in parent/pregnancy magazines the idea of name jewelry.  I thought that is such a cute idea and what better way to show my pride then to wear my daughter’s name.  I bought a necklace from Lisa Leonard with Dilia on the charm and a cute little pearl to access the name charm, as shown above.


she has a promo use code springforward for 15% off your order.
offer expires 4.16.10, so hurry!

Another site that have awesome customized jewelry

Nelle and Lizzy
Ohana by lea


Los Pollitos Dicen Pio Pio Pio

I have a wonderful childhood memory; my dad and I were seating in Disney world on a rainy chilly day.  He started to sing Los Pollitos Dicen Pio Pio Pio cuando tienen hambre cuando tienen frío and must have been 5 or 6 years old at the time.  I have always remembered the song and where I learned it.  Years later, I was doing Google searches for cute clothes and I came across Los Pollitos Dicen (The Little Chicks Say) shirt company..

I bought candela for my daughter because a lot people have stated to me that Dilia is pretty spirited…She looks adorable in the t-shirt plus the shirt itself is well made and the chick was adorable too..Check out all the different options by visting the following website.


Bargain shopping!!!!

Calling all Shopaholics....Calling all Shopaholics

If you are shopaholic like me...You obviously love to shop but do not always love the prices.  Plus, the best brand items tend to be pricey!  I recently discovered that you can have the best of both worlds, a bargain price on a brand name item/s via the below bargain website that offer brand name items especially for the kids.  

Here are a few awesome sites
www.mamabargains.com -currently sven high chair 41% off reg price
www.babysteals.com-currently Lilac clothing currently 50% to 60% off the reg price
www.kidsteals.com -currently Girls 4 Pack Socks by Country Kids 50% off the reg price
www.greenbabybargains.com-currentlyTailored tadpole 64% off the retail price
 www.theminisocial.com-currently BabySoy, Haba Toys, Park Vogel and eight3one
 www.zulily.com-currently ImagiPlay puzzle, Cutie Pa Tutus and Fierce Hugs
  www.babyhalfoff.com-currently Midwest Monkeys Safe Sizer Choking Prevention Plates 50% Off
www.totsy.com-currently Hape toys, Katie Quinn Organcis clothes, Frenchy Baby Organcis sheets, Natura Mat for the crib and HelloLuLu versatile bags
http://www.lilipicked.com/ brands included

kate quinn organics . speesees . happy green bee . guyot designs

 www.ecobabybuys.com currently Squishy Fish Organic Cotton Short Sleeve Onesies & Tees


FREE Children Nursery artwork

I was checking out http://www.ohmyhandmade.com...very cute blog that features handmade items and I noticed the free download section on this blog.  I saw free and immediately checked it out... I was routed to http://indiefixx.com/Feed_your_soul/downloads.html ...the art on this site was the cutest thing I have seen...I really like art..plus this was very cute and I love sharing it.
image from ohmyhandmade site


Spring is almost here

After the record snow storms of February 2010...I am happy to announce that spring is near and it will call for light outwear a must for the little ones especially for girls...May I suggest a wonderful and very adorable option from www.skippinghippos.com
You will not find a fleece poncho more adorable than Skipping Hippos...Dilia loves hers!!!
Awesome promo available via Mami Shopaholic
for 20% off with discount code: mami


Little Uni spring promotion

Here is Dilia in her little uni shirt...very cute

very cool promo


We are also announcing our “buy two, get the third 50% off” promotion (pants and hats not included). This promotion will run through the end of April. After you place your order, email us at info@littleuni.com with “SPRING” in the subject line, and the 50% discount on your third tee will be refunded via paypal.

March 1st

Hello Everyone, Let me introduce myself...I am Deanna Hernandez-Arza...sorta new mami with nearly 16 month old girl and a serious shopaholic...I can't help myself especially with a little girl who is extremely adorable....I have been following alot of blogs and enjoyed it because I discover the most adorable things for me and my family...I want to share with you...all the stuff I have found

Note: I love list..so
here is a list of my favorite websites and blogs as well
www.justjenndesigns.com very cute notepad..
http://www.littleuni.com very very cute shirts...
www.baobab.com.au very adorable clothes
www.simplycolors.com cute shirts too
http://skippinghippos.com/ I love their ponchos....my daughter always looks great in her skippinghippos poncho
***http://www.taligillette.com/TaliGillette.swf mama necklace...Tali is the sweetest person and love her stuff..
www.lunalou.com...Lizze Sorensen...her suggestion and clients are best!!!
love http://www.eswaddle.com too...

LOVE www.etsy.com for one of kind stuff...Clothes, invitation and etc..
favorites include



as I said...shopaholic!