Neighborly love

Hi to all the new followers... Well, I admit to being a pretty big shopaholic especially now with my daughter.  Plus,  I love to tell everyone about great companies and people that I come across.  Neighborhoodies is one such company because they are awesome and their customized items on their site is the best.  Plus, I received the best customer services experience, as well.  I am sooo glad that I came across them via my Google online search for custom items.  I love the funk website and the items, check it out http://www.neighborhoodies.com/.   

Here is little info

Neighborhoodies is a small company run by kids who have no business running a business. We made our first hoodie less than five years ago. Within what seemed like minutes we'd made a splash in New York, and found love in cities across the country. The attention of folks like NBC, CNN and NPR didn't hurt none, and the next thing you know we're packing up our stuff, moving out of our basement apartment and setting up a real-life office in Brooklyn. Now we've got 60 full timers, a giant bean bag, and a dart board

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