HOT days of summer....

During a recent trip to Wal-Mart…I love Wal-Mart…I came across a wonderful new summer treat for Dilia by Del Monte called Fruit Chiller Freeze & Eat Tubes.  It is the truly the tastiest summer treat besides my personal childhood favorite FlaVor Ice Pops.  The Del Monte Fruit Chiller flavor that we tried was Strawberry Snow Storm and tasted like a sorbet plus it was Mmmmmm good as per Dilia’s standards. I can't wait to try the other Del Monte Fruit Chillers flavors, that include grape berry blizzard tubes, frosty peach cup, artic strawberry cup, glacial mango cup and polar raspberry cup, I am planning on trying each one…You know for research purposes….*wink* *wink*

The Freeze Pop Sleeve by Luna Lou via http://www.lunalou.com/ completed the experience for me and it is a must have for the summer. Plus, Luna Lou has free shipping right now…which is valid up to 2 cozies /order
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