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About this scentWith a hint of the Caribbean, a blend of green bananas, coconuts, oranges & grapefruits takes your nose on a vacation of a life time - right from inside your home! On this journey to paradise, Tropical Retreat is sure to relax you.


By Dee the shopaholic from Jersey City, NJ on 7/13/2012


5out of 5

Pros: Pleasant Scent, Long Lasting, Attractive Design

Cons: None

Best Uses: Gifts, Scent, Decoration

Describe Yourself: Midrange Shopper

I use my candle in my bathroom for the scent and decor



Diamond inside

 Diamond Candles

I discovered Diamond Candles via sneekpeeq.com and thought how cool...you get a candle with surprise inside.  I selected the candle scent, which is soooo good and not obnoxious at all.  I have purchased other candles and the smell is still much to the point you get a headache.  I was amazed that the smell was perfect plus the ring inside is very cute plus the ring could be worth $10 to $5,000. I actually ordered two more candles and I thinking about getting more to give as a gift.  if you are candle lover or a jewelry lover, you must check out


Here is my ring

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The Diamond Candles Story

Let's start at the beginning of this love story that turned into a business. David met Brenda for the first time in November of 1978 when they were both still in high school. He knew the first time that he laid eyes on her that she was going to be his wife one day. They both realized that they were destined to be together.
David and Brenda Cayton's Wedding
Several years later at a picnic in his parents' back yard, David got down on one knee and proposed to Brenda just two years after their first date. She said yes!
Young, broke, and in love, there was nothing wrong with the world as long as they were together.
Throughout the next year, David worked long hours in construction and had been saving up every penny to be able to buy something nice for his wife for their anniversary. With their anniversary approaching, he went to the local jewelry store to see what type of gift he could afford with his hard earned savings. He soon discovered a diamond ring that he knew Brenda would absolutely love.
With the ring purchased, David rushed to the grocery store to buy a gift bag to put the ring in. He couldn't find any gift bags, but just before leaving he saw some candles. David knew that Brenda loved candles, and he decided to pick one up to go along with the anniversary ring. On his way out of the store, he looked down at the ring in one hand and the candle in the other, and the idea of Diamond Candles was born.