The Best Artwork

ok, I have been on twitter over 3 years and I have discovered awesome people, vendors and products. My two absolute favorites are the following

Modern Bird Studios is one of my absolute favorites and I have a few pieces.  I love the way they take the photo and convert it into the coolest art piece.  Gregg and Megan are the great individuals people and vendors, I love the customer services and care that they provided me.  I highly recommend them and the artwork.


Your Toy Portrait is the cutest way to honor a favorite toy, I love they way the painting turns out.  I followed Jennifer the artist via twitter and her blog.  She does a awesome job, I decided to get a painting of my daughter's winnie the pooh blankie.  It is the cutest picture in my daughter's room.



Looking Pretty Smart...

My Warby Parker frames

I am an contact lenses wearing that occasionally wears glasses but lately due to running out of contacts or just giving my eyes a rest.  I have been using my glasses a little more often, the problem was that my glasses after a day or two would bother my face.  The glasses were to heavy, so I decided to change the frames.  I heard about Warby Parker about a year or so again, I really love the frame designs but the price really confirmed it for me.  I requested 5 frames to try at home and I found the perfect frames for me plus the try-on option is no cost but you do need pay a refundable $1.  I recently ordered the Warby Parker frames and I received them last week...

WOW, I am more than thrilled with the frames because they are not only awesome plus light on my face.  I will be Warby Parker customer for life now plus, Warby Parker has the buy one, give one program too.  I really love Companies that give back less fortunate.

all the frames are priced 
  • Anti-Reflective Prescription Lenses
  • Free Shipping and 30-day Returns


Throws, Blankets and Love...

Ok...it is very clear that I love to shop and more than anything...I love a deal...My current love/addiction is throws and blankets maybe because everyone (hubby and kids) keep on stealing my blankets plus you can't have to many blankets or throws...I have a few loves and huge crushes

My loves are

AllyZabba currently offering 10% off coupon code "10off" http://www.allyzabba.com/ 

Aden and Anais especially Daydream Blankets http://www.adenandanais.com/shop/daydreamblankets.aspx

Shi Shu Style http://www.shishustyle.com/baby.html  *My daughter left me this blanket and it is awesome and super soft.

Swaddle Designs http://www.swaddledesigns.com/lc/Home-Collection-Adult-Swaddle-Wrap/AS00/CategorySwaddleWraps.html

My Kids love
Everything Happy http://www.everythinghappy.com/

Jan 16th only

 NestIn Today show deal of 70% off with TODAYTHROW code  http://today.shopnestin.com/home.html

my huge crush is on

Little Giraffe http://www.littlegiraffe.com/catalog/categories/family-love/throws/


Hair Clips Addiction...

 Dilia wearing her Uff da designs headband

Hair Accessories have always been my favorite accessories every since I was young especially being the youngest girl in my family with two older sisters.  I was over the moon when I found out my first child was going to be a girl plus she always had hair. After she was born, I started to look for hair clips and accessories for her beautiful mane. 

My list of awesome vendors are:

bugalug www.bugalugbaby.com
Ribbies www.ribbies.com
Giddy Giddy www.giddygiddy.com/

I am a very big fan of Etsy www.etsy.com

Uff da designs http://www.etsy.com/shop//uffdadesigns

Banner Boutique http://www.etsy.com/shop//BannerBoutiqueOnEtsy

The Money Moos http://www.etsy.com/shop//TheMonkeyMoos

Sugar Chic Baby http://www.etsy.com/shop//SugarChicBaby



Being a Shopaholic and a mom of two...I am all about great deals especially when you can find the best brands being sold at great prices. I recently discovered Bellafind a website exclusive to members only, where you can make a variety of lists of products of the brands you love as well as new and upcoming brands and products you may have never heard of before.

Once you join Bellafind, you can begin building lists, searching for products or brands and saving with the many savings and deals listed in Bellafind. A user can utilize all the awesome features while on Bellafind. You can read others reviews and ratings of products, follow their lists and suggestions. You can do the same! Build lists, rate products and using the easy one click share buttons; you can pass along all the great info to your friends and followers across social media! 

January Giveaway

Finally, the best perk of all...each month Bellafind will giveaway one featured product to its members! This month Bellafind members have a chance to win a Kidcraft kitchen or dollhouse! Each member or new registered user is automatically entered into the giveaway, simple as that!    

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