It is all about the Hair....

I love trying all new hair products because my hair is usually a frizzy mess.  I think my daughter might have inherited my hair.  During a recent search on www.hamillbaby.com for something completely different, I checked out bath time on the site under hair & skin section.  I saw what look like an awesome leave-in conditioner and I did a Google search for Original Sprout.  I found www.haircarechoice.com to order Original Sprout Leave-In Conditioner. 

Original Sprout Leave-in Conditioner

Our Leave-In Conditioner smooths & protects dry, delicate & tangle prone hair from enviromental aggressors such as, sun, wind, cold climates & pollution. Frizzies and dry ends are smoothed & soothed, restoring hair to healthy radiance. Use before swimming to help prevent swimmers green hair. Enjoy the elements with Sprout!

Widely recommended by stylists and mums!

Note: This product does not come with a pump.

With Organic Rosemary to Help Repel Lice & Insects
With Natural & Organic Ingredients
Free of Fruit Extracts & Honey
No Citrus Oils (Photosensitizers)
Free of Hormone Disrupters
No Formaldehyde (Hydantoin DMDM)
Quick Release Formula
Fast & Easy Combing
No Numbing Agents
Natural Ingredients
No Sticky Residue
For all Hair Types
No Rinse

I absolutely love it for my daughter and for me too.  I decided to order more, it is an awesome product.

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