Wordless Wednesday 9/29/10

Fall 2009 


Early Planner...

Besides being a shopaholic and I am also an early planner...I really enjoy thinking of a birthday theme for my daughter who will be turning two in less than two months..I actually start to think about it earlier this year..I actually changed my mind three times but I decided on a theme back in May or June..  My daughter loves...loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I am a Disney fan..I decided to do Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and the gang for my daughter...I found great items via Etsy to complete my party planning

Firstly...My daughter will be wear a special outfit via www.cutiepatutus.com..

Secondly, I order the most adorable favors from  http://www.lilbooandco.etsy.com...Mouse shaped crayons

Thirdly, I order the extremely adorable favor tags from http://www.etsy.com/shop/maddieclaire

Fourthly,  I order super cute invitation from http://www.etsy.com/shop/seeshellsdesigns

I am sooo excited


Old Navy....

I really like Old Navy for certain pieces and the price is right down my alley....Shopaholic can't go broke all at once...I am super excited for the maternity section and I order a few pieces...I know it is early but I like to shop and I am early planner too...The other great places are Motherhood and Target...you can't go broke on clothes you will like wear for less than 9 months...

Old Navy is currently having awesome sale


Wordless Wednesday 9/15/10

October 4, 2008
Hubby and Me


Love a Steal....

I really love a good deal/steal and I have been a repeat customer of www.babysteals.com for almost 2 years and now repeat customer to the sister site www.kidsteals.com.  I am very addicted to both deal sites and I am sooo glad that I came across them.  I love the element of surprise because the customer has no idea what the item of the day will be until 9am MST or 11am EST.  It is also like a game because it you don't act fast you lose...


Fun Follow Friday

My Wee View

I am extremely bless person because my daughter is 22 mos today and I have a bun in the oven....Life is good right now...


Momma is feeling flirty....

As you know, I am a shopaholic and etsy addict for both my daughter and myself...I really like unique and adorable items like toys, clothes and etc...I came across evystree (http://www.etsy.com/shop/evystree) via DearLillie (http://www.etsy.com/shop/DearLillie) another etsy awesome vendor.  I immediately fell in love with the flirty hoodies and I have been eyeing the red brilla for a while.  I decided to purchase it and I must say it is very cute plus super comfortable...
check it out 



Second time around

I just found out that I am pregnant for the second time....I am both excited and nervous..Since, I am a shopaholic...the next 9 months are going to be fun...I already have a mental note of all the stores and seller that I will be check out for number 2....I have a strong feeling will be a boy...

Here a short list...



Boys will be Fashionable....

I must tell you that Petit Vogue is having a Boy Fashion Month featuring the most adorable boys fashion...Please check out http://www.petitvogue.com/blog/

Stuffy love

Around two years ago, I came across CoolMomPicks.com website and I became a loyal follower...I  also came across Bumblebird via coolmompicks.com site.  This is where my etsy addiction started...Bumblebird was on my list of must buy items...I finally purchase the cutest stuffy...I am soooo happy when I received adorable birdy...Please check out the greatest handmade dolls, plush animals and whimsical art to enliven a child's world or your own by Check out http://www.etsy.com/shop/bumblebird. Plus, visit bumblebird.typepad.com for a peek into our creative world...


Wordless Wednesday 9/1/10-Time Flies

My Favorite picture of Dilia and Spot 
Feb. 2009

Sofia, Dilia and Spot watching TV Aug 2010