Feeling Fabulous....

You might or might not know that I recently decided to sell Stella & Dot accessories... I must say that their accessories are truly top notch plus, I am enjoying changing up my look with accessories on a daily basis...It is fun to play dress up plus, I have a new found exciting both on the inside and outside too...It is amazing how accessories e.g. earring, bracelet and necklaces have on your overall look...I am meeting wonderful women in my new network that are very supportive of each other...I really love that Stella & Dot experience is what you make it...no sales goals...just personal goals

check out the Fabulousness!!!



Mom of Two....

My maternity leave ended on July 25th and I was sad to leave my baby boy and daughter again but I know they are in good hands...It was and still is rough adjusting to a routine...Thank God for coffee because we are close friends now...I understand why my mom drink it like it was going out of style...I must be drink at least 4 to 5 cups a day now...I am also thankful for my Copco To Go Cup, which is a steal at 4.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond...This investment has paid off big time...I love the cup because it is cute plus for the environment...yay all around