A Posh Mommy…

Being both a shopaholic and liking the niceeee thing can lead you to very awesome products…For instances, Pishposh which is a purse organizer for all your baby essentials. I came across this product via www.coolmompicks.com and love it because I am handbag addict. Pishposh carryall is meant to be use with any purse or handbag for instant diaper bag.  I actually use it within my diaper bag as a quick way to change my daughter diapers.  I love it because it uses to take me a few minutes to find all everything to change her diaper.  Plus, the prints are truly adorable.  I strong believe this item is a must for all moms.

Check out

offering $2.00 flate rate shipping 


Baby wearing at it best

As a sorta new mom, I wanted the best for me and my child.   I have seen ergobaby carrier http://www.ergobabycarrier.com/ being used by various moms in my town.  The carrier looked comfortable for both mom and the baby.  I did some research on google..I love google..I google all the time…I read various reviews and the product description.  I decided that I would buy it because the carrier that I chose did not suit me or the baby.  I found www.mbeans.com via google..I told you I am a google fiend.  When I first try my new ergobaby, I was in heaven.  I was comfortable and Dilia was comfortable.  My ergobaby was used a lot especially during my vacation in Colombia, which was January of this year…I highly recommend ergobaby to anyone.

www.mbeans.com has the following promo free shipping on orders over $99


Hats off to you...

My name is Deanna and I am addicted to etsy.com..I know the first steps are to admit you have a problem but what if…you really enjoy your addiction.  I have come across the most amazing sellers and amazing items. The two sellers that I absolutely love for winter hats are…

I know summer is less than a month away but fall and winter will come just as quickly as they went…

two seaside babes currently has the following promo right now

**Buy 1 item and receive the 2nd 50% off OR**
**Buy 2 items and receive the 3rd FREE.**

2nd/FREE item must be equal to or less than the least expensive item purchased. This sale does not include patterns or already reduce "HALF-OFF SALE" products. All shipping and handling charges still apply.

Simply put "BadTruck" in the "notes to seller" during checkout to receive discount and wait for a revised invoice.



I came across in my opinion a wonderful product that I wish I found earlier because I use to track feeding and such on any paper, I could find.  Baby’s first journal via www.glowbaby.ca which contains a comprehensive log book enabling parents to track the eating, sleeping and diapering schedules of their newborn.  Easy to use and portable, this journal will help in understanding the baby’s needs and assist in developing a daily routine. Plus, the features of the journal are

  • 5.5”x7.5” Journal – fits in diaper bag or purse
  • 3 months of logging pages to track baby’s feeding, diapering and sleeping
  • Log both breastfeeding and bottle feeding
  • Space to track vitamins, baths and special moments
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Includes a sample page for suggested use, growth log, and contacts page for important numbers
  • Coil bound to lay flat for easy use
  • Assists in developing a schedule for baby
  • Useful in the early days to ensure baby is eating enough
  • Handy for pediatrician visits
  • Helpful for babysitters
  • Made with Acid free paper with post consumer waste content

Glowbaby offer the following as well

Introducing Baby’s First Food
Glow Baby Pads –medicine pad, babysitter notes and more


What a Great Thought…

I am a member of the hairclip of the month club via Bugalug.ca, which I love by the way.  I receive sample of great products and the one I truly love was www.Thoughtspots.ca  inspiration or motivation says that are removable, reusable and re-positionable. E.G. you are beautiful..I can. I will!...I believe in you..

What great ways to remind and inspire oneself plus me strongly believe that product will produce health self-esteem.  I have already got my daughter inspirational says for her.

Check the site out

Current promos are


All Thought Packs regular $14 - now $11.95!

All Big Thoughts regular $6 - now only $4.95!

Sale ends May 31, 2010


Re-usable and Stylish

As we celebrate Earth Day we should all be thinking about small things/ change that we all can do to improve our environment and reduce our carbon footprint.  A year ago, I came across RuMe, a Denver, Colorado-based company, has developed a product that can simply and affordably incorporate use - and ReUse - into our daily lives. The RuMe Bag offers a versatile, durable carry-all for the conscientious consumer. After all, a grocery bag is not so different from a shopping bag; a gift bag is not so different from a laundry bag. I absolutely love my re-usable shopping bag for groceries, plus the bags are very adorable and the prints are very elegant. 

RuMe has the following promo until 4/23/10

To celebrate RuMe’s 2nd birthday 20% off on orders of $30 or More with code: Birthday


Spanx-Miracle Lift

Being a huge shopaholic, I really enjoy receiving great buy emails especially from shefinds.com and Momfinds.com.  I came across Spanx.com via Momfinds.com daily email update and what got my attention was they have a swimsuit line called Spanx Slimming Swimsuits.  I love the beach and to swim but always felt a little self-conscious about my tummy but especially after having my daughter.  My body had changed in a few ways from my pre-pregnancy body, I had before and I would love to look slimmer in a swimsuit and so I decided to buy the tankini and bottom.  I received my order pretty quickly and I try it on.  Once I had the swimsuit on I feel sooo confidence.  It is amazing how a great suit make you feel.  I can’t wait for summer now.

Current promo is free shipping on orders over $50


Cash Back

Shopping can earn me cash back…What?…Where?…How?…my addiction wills finally payoffs literally.  Halleluiah…was my first thought…shopping = cash is a great equation… Since, I already do a lot of internet shopping, it works for me.  My sister introduced me to www.ebates.com and I use it the most but I also use www.parentingprivileges.com.  I like to compare the two to see which one gives me a better % back.  Shopping and Cash back too…I am in heaven now…

My referral info


Parenting Privileges 90 day trial


Olive Olive

Since I love to shop and feel like lately I am shopping all the time, I really need a little self control now and then.  It is very hard especially when I receive the cutest mail categories.  I received Olive Juice category around holiday season and I recently found the category.  I decided to check out the website site because I am a big internet shopper.  All the clothes are sooo adorable; I immediately saw a must have for Dilia…diaper cover shorts and they were on sale.  I bought two pair with no hesitation.  My order arrived recently and I try the diaper covers on and oh my…the cotton was soooo soft and Dilia looked adorable.  I know that Olive Juice will be on my list of favorites now. 

Check them out 


Great Cause

I had the unique pleasure to attend and speak briefly as an x-patient of the prenatal group program for the event for the prenatal group program to centering pregnancy celebration that was sponsored by March of Dimes and Kmart.  The prenatal group program means a lot to me because the support from the other pregnant group members was invaluable.  Plus, no one but another pregnant women could understand what I was feeling and going through.  Institute of Family Health on 16th street between Broadway and 5th is the only prenatal group program in the city.


My First child

You probably automatically assume that I will talking about Dilia, who is my first human child but I am talking about my first furry child.  Spot Sparky Hernandez, who I adopted almost 7 years ago on August 9, 2003 to be exact.  I found small dog rescue via www.petfinder.com, which is a great site for all pet adoptions.  Here is the story; I was interested in a different dog when I went to the small dog rescue located on a farm in the Princeton area.  I met the little puppy but we did not hit it off and I figure since I was at the farm that I would at least hang out with another dog.  I saw a small black and white dog running in the caged area.  I asked one of the volunteers if I could meet that dog.  Spot was very cute and calm with me and I fall in love, we spend hours walking and playing.  After our first meeting, I saw Spot three times before taking him home.  My boyfriend now husband had to meet Spot first before my application would be accepted.  Spot had a lot of issue at the beginning intestinal worms, lice and other skin issues but now Spot is super health and super spoiled...  As you know, Since I am shopaholic here are a few fabulous sites for your pets.  Spot only wears jacket and coats…

Zoomies NYC is located at 434 Hudson Street New York, NY 10014-3937 or www.zoomiesnyc.com for dog and cat items.

Trixie + Peanut is located at 23 East 20th Street New York, NY 10003 or www.trixieandpeanut.com


Baobab Australian for …

Baobab is Australian for the most adorable babies and kids’ clothes…
I came across Baobab on http://www.coolmompicks.com/ and I went to the site…I was in love with the cute designs and styles.  I immediately order a few items and when it arrive...I was in love all over again…the clothes were sooo soft and baobab is Australian for the most adorable babies and kids clothing’s plus the hoodie I bought had side buttons, which made my life easier.

Plus Baobab has the following promo until the end of April...

And this month we have a brilliant April offer to our subscribers - spend $50 or more and get 15% off all the range - valid until the end of this month. Simply type AUTUMN into the coupon box in the MY CART section off checkout, to redeem your coupon (and save)

So log in and enjoy the shopping experience and save 15% on NEW season baobab.


MAMA Bling

I had the pleasure of meeting Tali Gillette on Saturday.  She actually lives one town over from me and she is an extremely warm person.  I enjoyed hanging out with her because we hit it off and it was like hanging out with my sister.  We had coffee and talked then we did a little shopping it was so much fun.  I also received my mama bling necklace and it is sooooo beautiful.  The beauty had to do more with the meaning behind the necklace because it was inspired by baby’s first words and to celebrate that moment with a gorgeous necklace.  The circular pendant symbolizes for me the unbreakable bond between mother and child.  I am a mama for life!

Mothers’ day is coming up and what a great gift idea!!!

Checkout her website 


Mama-to-be getting showered

A few weeks ago, I was one of three hosts for my sister-in-law’s baby shower.  The event turned out well and my sister-in-law enjoyed herself.  During the preparation for the event, I stumble across a very awesome website/ blog http://www.inexpensivebabyshower.com/ , the site is easy to navigate.  I found great ideas and templates.  I created an advice book via this site plus craft ideas are available on the site, as well.  I highly recommend it to anyone need ideas for a baby shower. 

Since, we are on the topic of baby showers.  I must share my go to gift items.

Swaddle Designs http://www.eswaddle.com
Tinyducky  www.tinyducky.com
Simply Colors www.simplycolors.com

Anything from the following sites


Mommy can’t forget herself

I was talking with my sister about adorable clothes from Gap kids and she brought up a valid point that she has been buying all these clothes for her daughter but has not bought a thing for herself in a while.  I realized that I was doing the same thing.  I use to be a shopaholic for myself, now I am more of a shopaholic for my daughter then myself.  My daughter has more clothes than I do at this point...wink wink…ok maybe a bit of exaggeration.  Taking the economic into count the best stores and online stores for moms are:

Target or www.target.com

OldNavy or www.oldnavy.com

www.boden.com sales section

Found this website thanks to Lizzie Sorensen

Ann Taylor Loft or http://www.anntaylorloft.com/

Found this website thanks to Blair from http://theheirtoblair.com/ http://www.eshakti.com

www.shabbyapple.com Join their mailing list and get 10% off.


Shopaholic's Heaven

My sister told me about Etsy http://www.etsy.com/ a few years ago but I came across Etsy http://www.etsy.com/ last year again via http://CoolMomPicks.com.  I was mesmerized by all the handmade and unique items for my daughter and for myself that range from clothes, accessories, stuff animals, stationary and jewelry.  Words really can not describe how much I love shopping via etsy.com.  I really enjoy the customer services that each seller has given me.  The experience is honestly the best because it is on a personal level.  I love the fact you can interact with the sellers by asking them question and even request your order to be customized for you.  Plus, I really like when my idea sparks a new look for the seller.

My favorite etsy sellers are:

Fernfiddlehead for Gadget Covers http://www.etsy.com/shop/fernfiddlehead
DearLillie for women and baby clothes..very cute too http://www.etsy.com/shop/DearLillie
SweetHarper for hair accessories http://www.etsy.com/shop/SweetHarper
Jig for very cute baby and kids t-shirts http://www.etsy.com/shop/handmadejig
Cakes & Beans make girls tutu's, shirts, barrettes, headbands, pacifier clips, mitten clips and more!! And for those handsome boys... some cute bow tie shirts, and tie shirts!!
Coming SOON... Mommy Jewelry... STAY TUNED!! http://www.etsy.com/shop/webe0311
TwoSeasideBabes crocheted hats for babies, kids and moms plus more http://www.etsy.com/shop/TwoSeasideBabes
CiteFuzz adorable crocheted hats for babies and kids http://www.etsy.com/shop/citefuzz
Illiakids adorable girls clothes http://www.etsy.com/shop/illiakids
ERiaDesigns creates custom, personalized jewelry in sterling silver, gold filled and vintage brass. My personalized jewelry features family, couples, pets, children's, hobby and other favorite pieces. I hand stamp each piece to your specifications. I also create additional accessories, including golf ball markers and keychains http://www.etsy.com/shop/ERiaDesigns
Ohana by Lea custom jewelry http://www.etsy.com/shop/ohanabylea
Bumblebird you will find handmade dolls, plush animals and whimsical art to enliven a child's world or your own... http://www.etsy.com/shop/bumblebird?page=2


Nothing but the real thing

I came across Real Jewels a few weeks ago.  I really like the design and the concept that Real Jewels Inspired by the desire to marry beautiful jewelry with a passionate respect for our natural resources, Real Jewels eco friendly jewelry collection is made exclusively from 100% recycled precious metals, fair trade sustainable gems and conflict-free certified diamonds. Real Jewels allows you to indulge your passion for jewelry without compromising the environment. Real Jewels is beautiful green jewelry with a conscience.  Since Earth Day is coming up what better way to celebrate by supporting the companies like Real Jewels that are eco-friendly.  Petite Pearl is my favorite

Things we love: Spring, Earth Day, and you, our loyal fans! To thank you for your support, we want to let you in on a special deal...right now, head over to http://www.real-jewels.com and use the "Tell A Friend" feature to receive a discount code for 10% off your Real Jewels purchase! A very green thank you from us to you!


Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all...I hope the Easter bunny finds you well....I hope you have a lot of chocolate and jelly beans... 

Deanna, Dilia and Spot


Step by Step

As a new parent, your eyes are opened to a brand new world of baby brands and stores.  Since, I am a hardcore shopaholic, let just say I was in heaven with all the options and the adorable but function items **wink, wink**.  I came across one of the best stores called One Step Ahead. They had whole selection of toys to essentials items for parents and baby alike.  Their selection is broken down into the following categories
A big plus is that they are reasonable priced as well, which is very important nowadays.  My husband and I found the only baby gate that fits our uniquely shaped apartment via one step ahead and the alphabet mats here too.  They are the best!!

Check them out