Almost here....

I am currently 36 weeks and 4 days....Time really does fly...I can not believe that my second child will be arriving pretty soon... It makes me both nervous and excited at the same time...I have been shopping up a storm plus I had one baby shower and I will have my second one soon...long story...I love all the cute and useful items...I am excited about two gifts...the first one is the first years kickin' coaster...My niece had that and she absolutely love it and my daughter love it too but she was already to big for it...I knew I want it for my second child.  The second being Maclaren stroller, which is grey and grey...because my daughter stroller is pink and brown...to girly for my son to be...I have been going etsy nuts lately for shirts for my son to be...My favorite etsy vendors for the cutest initial t-shirt are

Olive and Maude


The Punky Monkey



Wordless Wednesday April 6

Feb 2009 "My Favorite picture"


April 1st....Wow...How time flies...

Life has been a bit busy for me lately....I am 33 weeks pregnant with a 2 year old is tough plus, I have been pretty tired lately...but not too tired to shop...I love the groupon or the deal sites lately...I purchased a voucher for www.kitsel.com via www.eversave.com today for 11 dollars but the value of the voucher is 30 dollars...I purchase a voucher for www.nelleandlizzy.com yesterday for 20 dollars for voucher valued for 40 dollars via www.socialdish.com

I love deals!!!

other favorite deal sites are


check them out....