I love talking about my favorite topic, even with this economic. I have noticed as so many others that the groupons and the sample sale sites are exploding everywhere. I really love the ability to find the perfect item at amazing discount; the range is amazing as well. The discount sites range from baby to furniture.

The best baby discount sites are:









The best women/men discount sites are:







Good deals while giving back









Accessories make an outfit

The Limited Colorblock Top $54.90

Accessories Ideas from Stella & Dot www.Stelladot.com/deannaeh

Femme Fatale Necklace $118.00 

Heiress Hoops-Hematite $ 44.00

Panther Pendant Necklaces $ 49.00

Panther Pendant Necklace $ 49.00

Soiree Trio Ring $ 49.00


Wordless Wednesday 7-27-11

My Daughter in my heels...



Shopping while giving back...

What better way to give back but to shop!  I really love the idea that the following companies have a program that gives back to those less fortunate.

Happy Blankie www.happyblankie.com

ONE to Love, ONE to Share
David Holdridge, founder of Happy Blankie, had a remarkable idea. His mother Emily encouraged him to bring his idea to life – and then added a life lesson that we can ALL teach our children - share. Her idea was to share the happiness of Happy Blankie with children in need of a smile. Thus, ONE to Love, ONE to Share, became the core philosophy of Happy Blankie. The concept is based on Emily’s message to David (and her other 3 children) – love one another, share with others and make a difference in the world.

Blankie Shares

Happy Blankie is donating blankies to children in need all over the world. YOU will be able to make a difference by choosing where you would like to give a blankie. When you receive your blankie you will be able to follow the instructions on the "giving is cool" tag in order to donate your second blanket.
We will send you an email that will keep you informed of our future giving dates and destinations. Both you and Happy Blankie are changing the world, two blankies at a time - and that is what we call REMARKABLE.

With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One.


Fashion Fashion

I am excited about being a stylist for Stella & Dot because the jewelry is absolutely gorgeous plus many of the pieces are very versatile.  

I love this shirt 


Awesome towel!!!

I recently came across Aacua by maamam, which is an awesome towel for my 2 month old son.  The towel is perfect because it is 4 in 1 multi-use bath towel 1. Apron 2. towel  3. babywrap and 4. bathwrap, I felt it was a great investment and very worth it.  I noticed recently that it was hard to take my son out of the baby tub and wrap him in a towel, so Aacua works very well because it hands free towel and versatile   I highly recommend it to all parents as a must baby item or baby shower gift. 

check their site 


Snuggin Go...Awesomeness

Besides being a shopaholic, I like being prepared consumer and during my pregnancy with my baby boy...I was keep an eye on great buys and deals...My favorite deal site is www.babysteals.com and I saw Snuggin Go...I remembered with my first child that positioning in her carseat and stroller was always a bit tricky..I figured what the hay, I want to try it out...I purchased the Snuggin Go for the stroller but after my son arrived, I noticed with the head rest my husband buy did not work very well.  My son looked uncomfortable to me, so I said lets use the Snuggin Go and it worked perfectly for him and me.  I was so convinced to get Snuggin Go for my daughter, who is 2 1/2 yrs old but I missed the deal on www.babysteals.com

Highly recommend baby item



Becoming a Stylist

I recently decided to become an Independent Stylist for Stella and Dot because I enjoy sharing and help my friends to great finds….Besides, I really enjoy shopping especially for accessories but I truly enjoy more helping other find the perfect accessories.  Plus, I have been inspired by many of the people I follow on Twitter.  Jewelry makes an outfit especially if the jewelry is gorgeous.   Stella & Dot is the gorgeous, affordable jewelry and accessories for all women.  I believe in Stella and Dot mission statement, which is


We get great joy out of designing irresistible jewelry. And yet, jewelry is just the tangible expression of something much greater we are creating. We have a vision of the world where STRONG WOMEN LIVE BOLD and joyful lives.They know what they want and they work for it. They inspire each other. Passion and joy are their best accessories.

Fall 2011 line is now available


Sooooo Cute

I really enjoy sharing the mom owner companies that I have discover to everyone especially when they are a good friend to me.  I had the honor of becoming friends with Amanda from Cutie Pa Tutus, she is truly talent individual.  The outfits are super cute for everyday and special occasions,  you can never go wrong with her adorable wears.  Here is a little about Amanda

Cutie Pa Tutus , LLC is based in Charleston, SC. and was founded in 2008 by a mom who needed a tutu for her little girl's first princess party.
After an overwhelming reception in the local Charleston market, Amanda Moreno Duke, founder of Cutie Pa Tutus, decided that these little tutus might actually help her earn an income and be the hands-on mom to her two small children that she dreamed of being.

Alejandro Jose aka Superhero A
Dilia is my sunshine 


Wordless Wednesday 7-6-11

Dilia on 4th of July 2011

Alejandro on July 6th
2 months 5 days