Ellie and JCF Bootcamp...My New Loves

I have been busy lately with work, family and bootcamp class (www.jcfbootcamp.com) in Jersey City, NJ.  I started to work out three times a week back in February; I am looking and feeling great.  In addition, I am currently a part of a skinny jeans challenge, I am really learning a lot about food and the effects on your body.  I feel like I am an informed individual plus the work out are tough but never boring at all.  Another thing that is never boring is my fitness fashion, since I came across www.ellie.com.  I really love the quality and the price is not leaving me broke either.  I am a Fit Fashionista Club member with a $49.00 monthly fee, which equal any two-piece a month from the awesome monthly collection.  The company is new and I have experienced a few delays in my orders but the customer service overall is awesome.  Ellie has delayed April's Collection to make sure the orders will go out in a timely fashion.  I am excited for the collection because the theme is coral.  I really must say the quality is awesome and worth it.

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