Re-usable and Stylish

As we celebrate Earth Day we should all be thinking about small things/ change that we all can do to improve our environment and reduce our carbon footprint.  A year ago, I came across RuMe, a Denver, Colorado-based company, has developed a product that can simply and affordably incorporate use - and ReUse - into our daily lives. The RuMe Bag offers a versatile, durable carry-all for the conscientious consumer. After all, a grocery bag is not so different from a shopping bag; a gift bag is not so different from a laundry bag. I absolutely love my re-usable shopping bag for groceries, plus the bags are very adorable and the prints are very elegant. 

RuMe has the following promo until 4/23/10

To celebrate RuMe’s 2nd birthday 20% off on orders of $30 or More with code: Birthday
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