Baby wearing at it best

As a sorta new mom, I wanted the best for me and my child.   I have seen ergobaby carrier http://www.ergobabycarrier.com/ being used by various moms in my town.  The carrier looked comfortable for both mom and the baby.  I did some research on google..I love google..I google all the time…I read various reviews and the product description.  I decided that I would buy it because the carrier that I chose did not suit me or the baby.  I found www.mbeans.com via google..I told you I am a google fiend.  When I first try my new ergobaby, I was in heaven.  I was comfortable and Dilia was comfortable.  My ergobaby was used a lot especially during my vacation in Colombia, which was January of this year…I highly recommend ergobaby to anyone.

www.mbeans.com has the following promo free shipping on orders over $99
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