Very cute bird

Since I am a pretty big shopaholic and I have customer services experience myself.  I really appreciate it when I am given top notch customer service and I must say Polka dot Peacock is awesome.  I do not exactly remember how I came across http://polkadotpeacock.com/ but I am happy that I did.  I submitted an order recently and I sent an email to follow up.  I received a response almost immediately and my order was shipped in a few days.  My order did not arrive on time and I sent another email, again I received a response pretty quickly.  Jennifer the owner was preparing to send my order again.  She was very sweet and warm towards me.  I definitely plan on being a repeat customer plus after reading about tab on her site.  I can relate to her as well plus she has good taste …

Current promo is free shipping on domestic orders over $75

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