Fun with Colors

I have seen Little Mismatched and love the idea because kids should free to be creative.  I personally love the socks and I own a few pairs now.

Little Mismatched mission is to: 1) solve the age-old problem of the disappearing sock, 2) transform everyday products into necessary accessories, 3) give kids of all ages permission to express themselves and 4) allow girls to be girls for as long as they want.

But socks were just the beginning. I've got all kindsa stuff that'll knock your boring white socks off! From books to bedding, PJ’s to pencil pouches and flip flops to furniture, I’m all about creativity and individuality. I want you to express yourself!

Little Mismatched innovative products are fashion forward AND evergreen. And best of all, they balance high quality, ingenuity, and FUN!

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