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I came across Jasmere.com about a month or so ago because they were selling tinyducky $50 dollar voucher for extremely low price.  I really like the concept that Jasmere negotiates exclusive discounts with our featured merchants, leveraging the power of our extensive membership. When you make an order, you are guaranteed in on today's offer, but your credit card is not yet charged. Our hope is that more users will purchase, allowing us to lower the price for all. So order now to be sure you don't miss out on this fabulous offer. Then spread the word and as more people join in, the price for everyone (including you!) will go down. Once the offer ends, we'll charge your credit card at the final (lowest) price of the day, and send you a confirmation email.

If you interested here is my referral link

Example of past vendors and my purchases

-Tinyducky $50 dollar voucher for $ 18 dollars
-Babystar $50 dollar voucher for $18 dollars
-Speesees $50 dollar voucher for $ 17 dollars
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