Fun Footwear

I came across monkey toes via twitter more specific via Lizzie Sorensen.   I truly admire Lizzie’s taste; I decided to check out www.monkey-toes.com.  I truly loved the shoes, socks and shirts because they are fun and adorable animal and insect themed. The Monkey-Toes family consists of five original designs - Buzzy Bees (bumblebee themed), Little Ladies (ladybug themed), Spunky Spiders (spider themed), Leap Frogs (frog themed), and Little Piggies (pig themed).  The shoes are sooo adorable and comfortable that you wish she made adult sizes too…

Designer Jenny Ford

A stylish mom wanting to keep her daughters looking cute as a button, for Jenny Ford, understanding this age old truth brought forth more than peace of mind during her morning dressing routine with her two young daughters.  It brought her into the world of entrepreneurship.  Monkey-Toes, Ford's line of fun animal themed footwear, blossomed from a single mother's dream of being a stay-at-home mom and an all-American business owner.  Inspired by her daughter's long toes, the name "Monkey-Toes" was a perfect fit for the collection of hand painted children's sneakers and matching socks.

I recommend check out www.monkey-toes.com

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