Easy Riding

My husband noticed about a year ago an awesome stroller attachment for older kids instead of the buggy board it was a bike like attachment.  Since, we already decided on two kids and he really like the attachment instead of getting a double stroller or getting buggy board that does not seem comfortable to me.  I searched the internet and I located Happy Stroller's Swiss Strolli Rider by Bibi of Switzerland, I was excited because Amazon was selling it about 6 months ago.  As you know, we recently decided to start trying soon and I decided to check the price again.  I noticed that Strolli Rider was out of stock everywhere I looked and was not available in the US anymore.  The stroller attachment was available in Europe or Asia and there was no shipping to the US option.  I continue to search and I found one site and immediately purchase the attachment but my order was later cancelled because they were out of stock.  I started to search again and after a few hours of searching, I found a site check it out www.hamillbaby.com. 

Strolli Rider Comfort Plus

Our Price: £89.00
Strolli Rider
Your toddler will love this bike-like attachment that leaves other buggy boards in the shade!  No more complaints about tired legs. 
The Strolli Rider has the following features:-
  • can be assembled with ease, attached and detached in seconds
  • fully adjustable to accommodate a growing child
  • extremely easy to push - trails beside the parent, and not under their feet
  • fun and safe for a toddler to ride - has a foot rest and safety belt
  • grows with the child thanks to the adjustable foot rest and saddle
  • recommended from 15 months and up to 20kg
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