I feel and looking pretty…

I heard about illiakids design after Lizzie Sorensen was tweeting via Twitter about buying dresses for her daughters. I want to check out her collection via etsy, I was not disappointed because illiakids have the cutest stuff.  While I was browsing the web store, I saw the most adorable dress and I knew this would look great on Dilia Maria.  I order the dress and illiakids has great customer services because the dress is shown with crochet light blue flower that was out of stock when I placed my order and I told Heily to put a peach flower.  I received my order and I noticed that Heily send we three different color flower that were adorable with the dress.  At that moment, I knew I would be a repeat customer with her.  I am a huge fan too.  The Picture is Dilia in her illiakids dress with Daddy.

I invite you to check out
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