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My Warby Parker frames

I am an contact lenses wearing that occasionally wears glasses but lately due to running out of contacts or just giving my eyes a rest.  I have been using my glasses a little more often, the problem was that my glasses after a day or two would bother my face.  The glasses were to heavy, so I decided to change the frames.  I heard about Warby Parker about a year or so again, I really love the frame designs but the price really confirmed it for me.  I requested 5 frames to try at home and I found the perfect frames for me plus the try-on option is no cost but you do need pay a refundable $1.  I recently ordered the Warby Parker frames and I received them last week...

WOW, I am more than thrilled with the frames because they are not only awesome plus light on my face.  I will be Warby Parker customer for life now plus, Warby Parker has the buy one, give one program too.  I really love Companies that give back less fortunate.

all the frames are priced 
  • Anti-Reflective Prescription Lenses
  • Free Shipping and 30-day Returns
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