Being a Shopaholic and a mom of two...I am all about great deals especially when you can find the best brands being sold at great prices. I recently discovered Bellafind a website exclusive to members only, where you can make a variety of lists of products of the brands you love as well as new and upcoming brands and products you may have never heard of before.

Once you join Bellafind, you can begin building lists, searching for products or brands and saving with the many savings and deals listed in Bellafind. A user can utilize all the awesome features while on Bellafind. You can read others reviews and ratings of products, follow their lists and suggestions. You can do the same! Build lists, rate products and using the easy one click share buttons; you can pass along all the great info to your friends and followers across social media! 

January Giveaway

Finally, the best perk of all...each month Bellafind will giveaway one featured product to its members! This month Bellafind members have a chance to win a Kidcraft kitchen or dollhouse! Each member or new registered user is automatically entered into the giveaway, simple as that!    

Sign up today at Bellafind to join a great community of Parents and to enter this month’s Giveaway!  

Your Invite Code
Invite code:  MOMMAISTA
Invite link: http://www.bellafind.com/?code=MOMMAISTA
*using the link applies the code automatically 
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