Super SuPperSuit Baby Bib

I am all about essential items for my kids, I came across SuPperSuit Baby Bibs via Twitter.  I immediately love the look and design of the baby bibs.  I knew that I need to try it on my daughter, who will be 3 in November.  She was excited to try the bib on and loved the print of pearl necklace and off the shoulder dress.  My daughter does not like to put anything on but she was excited.  I would definiately suggest this adorable baby bib to anyone.  Plus, the SuPperSuit Baby Bib comes with a pouch to save and carry the bib.

SuPperSuit Baby Bib story:

When we, designers duo Gian Marco Merazzi and Paola de Stefano Merazzi, were expecting our first baby, we went out and bought (what we thought) was necessary for the well being of the baby, and then some!

We imagined all the things we would need to feed the baby once he'll start eating by himself.

Yeah I know, but as first time parent we pictured the perfect baby that would eat and smile away...

We soon realized that babies are messy. We couldn't keep up with it.

And what about those bibs that only cover the front of the body?

Babies get food allover themselves not just in front of them!

Being Eco-conscious and living in a small NYC apartment, prevented us from using disposable bibs and wanting to limit the Laundromat trips.

After our second baby was born we realized that most of the pictures we took of our little ones were taken at the dinner table and all of them with the bib on.

At one point we even stopped using bibs altogether thinking we would just change their clothes afterwards. We grew tired of changing outfits so often.


That is when we put our heads together and designed SUPPERSUIT.

SUPER suit + SUPPER suit.

First, we started by making the bib more like an art smock and using a lightweight fabric. That would also take care of our kid habit of yanking the bib off since our bib wears like an outfit. Then, we made the fabric water resistant while keeping it lightweight and wearable.

It was important for us to be able to easily wipe clean our SUPPERSUIT bib.

We also added a Velcro closure in the back to facilitate one hand operation, a large crumb catching front pocket to help collect spills and a carrying pouch to store the bib in your bag (very helpful when you have to store the bib that is still dirty).

We thought about making a design that will put a smile on your face:-)

And that is how Tuxedo Bib and Little Black Dress Bib were born.

From 6 months up.

This is SUPPERSUIT. This is our Vision.

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