Bamboo baby blanket

I have this fascination with blankets especially baby blankets because there are so many wonderful companies that make beautiful blankets and blankies.  I must say that mine and my daughter favorite is Bamboo Woven Baby Blanket by Yala formerly known as DreamSack.  I absolutely love my blanket as much as my daughter loves hers, Although my daughter tends to steal mine often.  I originally purchase mine via www.babyhalfoff.com before this site was sold to the current owners about 3 years ago.  It was the best purchase I have made because 

BambooDreams Woven Bamboo Baby Blankets by Yala These 100% Bamboo Baby Blankets are woven in a box weave and are incredibly soft next to your babies' skin. The bamboo fibers feel like silk and wicks moisture away from baby keeping your little one warm and dry. Bamboo adjusts to your babies' body temperature, keeping them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Bamboo contains anti-bacterial properties, discouraging the formation of bacteria or fungus or odor.a perfect solution for allergy sensitive little bodies. These lightweight baby blankets are finished beautifully, rolled and wrapped with a ribbon

It sold via a few websites now check out
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