Snuggin Go...Awesomeness

Besides being a shopaholic, I like being prepared consumer and during my pregnancy with my baby boy...I was keep an eye on great buys and deals...My favorite deal site is www.babysteals.com and I saw Snuggin Go...I remembered with my first child that positioning in her carseat and stroller was always a bit tricky..I figured what the hay, I want to try it out...I purchased the Snuggin Go for the stroller but after my son arrived, I noticed with the head rest my husband buy did not work very well.  My son looked uncomfortable to me, so I said lets use the Snuggin Go and it worked perfectly for him and me.  I was so convinced to get Snuggin Go for my daughter, who is 2 1/2 yrs old but I missed the deal on www.babysteals.com

Highly recommend baby item
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