Little bit of fun

I came across The Little Gym during a birthday party back in May.  I decided that my daughter should be more active and learn new skills plus it would be an excuse to get out of the house every Saturday for an hour.  I found a The Little Gym about 5 minutes from our house plus my daughter enjoyed the trial class.  We started going and she was a little shy in the beginning but enjoyed the activities.  She has learned new skills plus she loves playing with other kids.  It is great for me and my husband to spend time with her like that.  I would definitely recommend it.


Our Story
At The Little Gym, Kids SoarAs you strive to give your children the best foundation for success, The Little Gym® is here to help you along the way. After decades of research and hands-on experience, The Little Gym has more than 300 locations in 21 countries; all focused on helping children achieve a lifetime of success.
Our professionally developed, non-competitive programs have been designed to build motor skills in a fun and nurturing environment, while fostering enhanced emotional, intellectual and social skills. For over 30 years, parents have relied on The Little Gym® to help their kids build the skills and confidence that will enhance every aspect of their lives. Children are encouraged to try their best, not be the best. This philosophy has served The Little Gym and its members well, and it now sets the standard for high-quality children’s development programs.
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