Luvocracy...Pinterestish style but you can buy it!

I discovered Luvocracy from Cool Mom Picks and I love it...I use to search the web after seeing an item on Pinterest to buy it because it was cool or a must have item for me.  I am huge fan of Luvocracy because I can buy the item directly and even better is that Luvocracy will search the web to get me the best price for the item.  Plus, you can trust people taste and always be notified when they add new items.  


We are building a new marketplace around the explosion in social sharing. We do that by creating a way for people to buy recommendations from people whose taste they trust. And we build that into an economy by allowing everyone to participate in the value that they create.

Luvocracy is the way to buy recommended pins, posts, tweets and shares.
Members find the best things to buy, meet people through the products they recommend, and give and receive gifts with every purchase.


Tell us the people whose taste you really admire. They become your trusted tastemakers, and their recommendations help you buy better things.
Add the stuff you love to collections for others to see and shop. Each time you buy something, you get the chance to thank the person who made the recommendation and that person earns rewards for helping. Earn rewards when people buy what you recommend, even if someone else passed along your recommendation.
Pretty much anything for sale online can easily be purchased on Luvocracy. Once you set up your account, anything you want to buy is just a click away. A Luvocracy shopping assistant finds the product at a competitive price from a reputable retailer, places the order, and will assist with any glitches or return needs. If a product is sold out, we will scour the world to find some place it is in stock. If it’s out of stock everywhere, we will let the designer know that you want to buy it and give him or her the opportunity to make more for you if possible. Your credit card information and email address will never leave Luvocracy.
New Member will receive $10 off the first purchase...nice!

check it out http://www.luvocracy.com/dharza
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