Blanket with Love....

Being a shopaholic and a mom, I want the best for my kids.  I found the best item via discount website babysteals and it was Aden and Anais swaddle blanket for my sister before my niece was born.  I fell in love with the blanket and the style of Aden and Anais.  I have purchase various items from them and they are truly are one of the best. My daughter and my son both have the lovies, I love that Aden and Anais sell lovies in pairs because you can wash one and the other is available.

Another Blanket that I am absolutely in love with is AllyZabba because of the colors and the adorable design.  My love for the blanket was confirmed when I received my order plus my daughter really love her blanket too.  I have all size of the AllyZabba Chocolate blanket...They are a must have item, as well...

Plus, they have the following special


You’ve found us at the right time for some great specials:
    10% off for all orders (using coupon code 10off at checkout). Also check out our special pricing on our CuddleZabba and MegaZabba blankets! Do you already own an AllyZabba product? Take a photo and get a coupon for 15% off your next order!
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